Practically perfect in every way…

This morning I took a quiz to find out “what my Disney personality type is” – what a special answer. I am Mary Poppins!! This means so much to me because Mary is my ideal, my role model as a Mom, and pretty much my favorite Disney character (after Dopey of course!). I always say that my mothering role models are Mary Poppins & Samantha Stevens in Bewitched. Loving & honest, fair & firm, fun & adventurous. When we went to the costume exhibit at LACMA a few months ago Julie Andrews’ costume was on display, I loved seeing it, and fell in love with her scarf. This Christmas I received the most wonderful gift from my uber talented daughter Katie – an exact replica of Mary’s scarf! She researched the needle size, yarn type, colors…everything. Tears were copious! Now you may understand my daily aspiration (and source of anxiety) to be practically perfect in every way!

Mary Poppins!
You’re Mary Poppins! Your personality most closely aligns with the ESFJ personality type, or “the Caregiver”. Always energetic, outgoing, polite and proper, you are happiest when you can help someone. You have an incredible depth of generosity and compassion in your heart and you place great value on harmony and loyalty. You may come across as bossy (even when you’re singing!), but it’s only because you care so deeply for those around you that you’re willing to push them in the right direction when they need it. You’re a true provider for those you love.

Mary Poppins Scarf Katie

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Top Ten Things Overheard At The River….

I love everything about the theatre, including eavesdropping on my fellow theatregoers. While I imagine no comment will ever come close to the person at Jersey Boys who asked their companion “did you know this was a musical?” – there were some pretty amusing comments during previews of The River. Admittedly The River – starring Hugh Jackman, Cush Jumbo, and Laura Donnelly – is deeply layered, symbolic, and mystical; however, some of the confusion seemed to involve much more basic deductions.  The beauty of the work, written by Jez Butterworth and directed by Ian Rickson, is that each person will be moved by it in a different way and perhaps leave with more questions than answers. That being said, I think we can all agree that it’s pretty obvious that it is a real trout Hugh is preparing on stage each night…


Top Ten Things Overheard at The River …

10. You better turn your phone off, I saw him stop a show and yell at someone on YouTube…

9.  Do I turn this off with the selfie button?

8.   Are there real birds in here?

7.   Is he a serial killer?

6.   When will they tell us what happened?

5.   Is this like Scoop?

4.   I think that was a real fish….

3.   I can’t believe they won’t let you take pictures in here…

2.   Why are they harassing me about not being able to be late or get up during the play? They sent me an email…

1.   The show was about this guy having a threesome…

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Musical Monday – Yo Yos, Heartbeats & Boogie Fever

Isn’t it amazing how your brain holds on to musical lyrics? Imagine how much brain power we would all have access to if we could just delete the song lyrics we retain? There are days I can’t complete a sentence never mind remember what I walked into a room for – the other day I was grasping for a word to describe something I saw to my son and sadly, with his help, I realized the word was clever.  Something I was definitely not in that moment!

However, I probably could best almost anyone with the volume of song lyrics I can access.  Through the beauty of XM Radio I can now prove my skill across six decades, most genres and of course this fete includes the Broadway Channel. Oh the joy my family has driving with me, a person with radio ADD to begin with – you know what that is if you have it or someone you drive with does: no one station stays on longer than three minutes unless the selection meets a fairly long list of requirements which are totally random and change from day to day!

Today’s serenade to my son while driving him to the train was Sylvester’s” Dance (Disco Heat)” – my family especially loves when I find something on the Studio 54 station where each tune is approximately 22 minutes long! On the way home my brain went through a sequence of events I was simultaneously truly proud of and terrified by – it all started with The Osmond’s ’70s hit “Yo Yo”.  Three beats and I knew the song, remembered every word and could picture the Saturday morning cartoon version of it (yes The Osmonds had a cartoon show as did the Jackson 5 but I digress). Next, I started hearing the DJ in my mind (if you don’t have this or don’t know what I mean I don’t know that I can help you understand) started mixing in The DeFranco Family’s “Heartbeat, It’s A Love Beat” which led to The Sylvers “Boogie Fever”. Whew, what a mix – I want to dance to this now!!  I even somehow  connected Al Roker singing “Boogie Fever” on Today at some point in time – when I told you my brain function when it comes to memory is scary did you not listen????

I LOVE MUSIC! The memories, moments and feelings that connect for me are priceless (even when they are scary) and this process provides me with a truly rich soundtrack to my life.

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Looking For My Snark…..

I have been informed by trusted friends that there is something missing from my blogs – something they feel is vital to me being me – snarkiness.

I agree with them but, much like Barry Manilow in the late seventies, I have been having trouble” tryin’ to get the feeling” of my inner black heart. Well, actually Barry was singing about losing the feeling for something else and I am pretty sure he can get a pill for that now – but back to me.

Perhaps part of the loss came from dedicating my website and blog to positive thinking – all of those heady thoughts about self enlightenment and growth really are important to me – but at times they run counter culture to dreaming of a reality show entitled “Did You Wear That On Purpose”.  In wanting to offer a place that offered a shoulder, a forum and an environment of learning and acceptance perhaps I missed the fact that sometimes you also just want a place to  “let it all hang out”. Less white wine and chai tea and more stiff cosmos and espresso.  Hey – I can do that!!

Perhaps I lwas reminded of something really important here  – being a positive thinker, looking for the good and focusing on kindness, compassion and service doesn’t mean we are not still only human.  I teach that to my family program all the  time and yet seemed to have forgotten for a bit myself. Being “only human” is something to celebrate – we can strive to do good and still enjoy the life we are living. The complexity of humanness is what makes us interesting, diverse and fun.

In the spirit of being true to myself, being human and  being very snarky I promise to cover more bases here. I promise to let just a little more hang out and to remember that no one likes someone who is about being all good all the time. If you only knew the depth of material this has just unleashed……

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John Lennon, New Orleans & A Sign

You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one


In a gallery in New Orleans I came across an art book of John Lennon’s time in New York, first on Bank Street in the West Village and then in 1973 to the Dakota. Sometime in New York City by Bob Gruen, John Lennon & Yoko Ono is an amazing, intimate collection of photos & recollections providing insight not only to the creative process but also to the life of John & Yoko as New Yorkers. As this beautifully packaged collector’s edition is now valued upward of $750.00 I was thrilled with the opportunity to be able to look through it and take it all in.

After spending time going through the photos and personal insights I went back to read the pages at the beginning of the book for more information, and came across the forward by John Lennon. I had to stop and read it a few more times, take a picture of it and call my husband over to witness this sign. In a gallery in New Orleans I found two of  my mantras in a forward written by John Lennon: “I still believe in love and peace and positive thinking” and “we’re all human”.










Imagine – a moment of Jung’s theory of collective unconscious right there on Chartres Street! In that moment I felt understood, justified and convinced that it really is that simple. How we approach our lives and the people in it is entirely our choice and within our control. We can choose to see ourselves as a positive force regardless of the situations we find ourselves in. In addition, if we can remember throughout it all that we are all only human we can find understanding and forgiveness for others, and more importantly for ourselves.


A Gallery for Fine Photography  241 Chartres Street, New Orleans LA

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Musical Mondays – In The Name Of Love…

Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

In the name of love!
What more in the name of love?

Pride (In The Name Of Love) – U2

When we all realize that human rights is not a black thing or a gay thing but a human thing then maybe we can move forward.  We have come so far because of those that were willing to make a stand, to speak up and to give their lives for what is right. There is still so very far to go.

The dream of a free and equal society does not depend on everyone agreeing with the choices, lifestyles and decisions of others it depends on the respect that all have the right to make those choices and decisions for themselves. It will only be realized when we view each other as true equals and not as a society where some feel they have the right to make decisions for others because they are superior or know best.

My dream is not only that my children will see a world where this equality becomes reality, but where their belief that this is true and possible does not place them in a minority.

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Fabulous Fridays! – Dressing for the Theatre

There are few places left where appropriate dressing follows strict guidelines. Dress codes at all but a few tony establishments have gone the way of fox stoles and men’s hats being de riguer. Religious services – with the exception of some where dress is part of the religious observance – have discontinued any dress code expectations that used to define “Sunday Best”. The work place took the road from casual Fridays to business casual and made a left at wear whatever you feel like. Schools have moved the line of having a dress code, for students and teachers alike, so far away from having a uniform that as long as you don’t reveal too much flesh you’re okay (unless it’s Halloween and then you can come as the “slutty version” of whatever you want to be).

Another hallowed ground has apparently reached the final frontier of dressing for the occasion – attending the theatre. Since I was very little attending Broadway was an event, an extravagance – an incredibly special occasion. This feeling has remained for me to this very day – which is probably why I am so very disappointed to see the seats around me filled with those who seemed not to know they were attending a Broadway show (or leaving the house, or not cleaning their garage),.

I thought I would try to be helpful and share some tips to hold on to the last great event to dress up for – attending the theatre!

Top Ten Tips For Dressing for the Theatre

10. – If any part of your ensemble fastens with Velcro you probably shouldn’t wear it to the theatre.

9.  – If your outfit shows your enthusiasm for any sports team, television show or band you  shouldn’t wear it to the theatre.

8. – If you felt under dressed and got the stink eye from other diners at Junior’s you shouldn’t wear that outfit to the theatre.

7. – Unless you are in the cast of Lysistrata Jones you shouldn’t wear sneakers to the theatre.

6. –  If you are over 21 you probably shouldn’t wear your “fan” tee shirt to the theatre (or out of the house, but that is another post topic!).

5. –  If your outfit can take you directly from the matinee to your league bowling night, you probably shouldn’t wear it to the theatre.

4. – If your slip dress looks a heck of a lot more like a slip than a dress, perhaps you should add another layer before you arrive at the theatre.

3. –  If you are wearing jeans that are not dark rinse, trouser length with dress shoes and appropriate accessories they don’t belong at the theatre (if they are elastic waist, ripped, rinsed or decorated they don’t belong anywhere).

2. –  If you are wearing a hat, remove it when you enter the theatre. It doesn’t matter if you are cold, if it’s part of your outfit, if you didn’t bother to comb your hair or if you are Lady Gaga – hats are removed at the theatre. (your hair style should also not obstruct other theatre goer’s views either horizontally or vertically).

1. –  If your personal fragrance invades the air space within five feet of you – do not wear fragrance to the theatre.

I hope you find these basic tips helpful!  If you have some you would like to add I would love to read them!


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Freakin’ Fabulous Friday!

I had such a great “streets of New York encounter” on Tuesday in Tribeca – got to say hi to Clinton Kelly!  If that name isn’t familiar to you he is the co–host of What Not To Wear on TLC and The Chew on ABC.

I have always enjoyed Clinton’s insight and advice on What Not To Wear – if someone has made it to the point that their nearest and dearest sent them in as a subject they need that unrelenting honesty! Clinton has a perfect mix of kindness and snarkiness that I appreciate.

One of the cool things about actually running into Clinton was that I got to tell him how much I LOVE his book Freakin’ Fabulous: How to Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate, and Generally Be Better than Everyone ElseThink Emily Post meets Martha Stewart meets, well Clinton Kelly! This book is a great read, funny but yet very helpful. I think it is a terrific gift for someone just starting out, or perhaps someone needing to start over!

Fabulousness to me is so much more than how you look. Who you are inside, how you act, how you treat others – it’s all part of the package.  Let’s face it – the truly fabulous didn’t get there by accident. Thought, consideration, learning and willingness to take advice all helped along the way. Freakin” Fabulous is definitely that advice book to help you along or help you brush up and get back on the path.





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Laughing Man: Hugh Jackman & Caffeine – Who Could Ask For Anything More?!

While visiting Ethiopia as an ambassador for World Vision Hugh Jackman had the opportunity to meet a coffee farmer named Dukale. The time spent with Dukale, his family and community, enabled Hugh to see the benfits that the aid from World Vision provided to this group. Not only was Dukale able to provide for his family, but he was able to expand enough to provide work for others in the community and start a cafe serving his coffee. The coffee farm was also utilizing a new method of using manure as a source to provide methane to the homes, enabling the families to avoid the many negative aspects of using a fire as a source of heat including health risks due to the smoke.

The aid from World Vision – supporting a business and enabling it to grow and expand while improving the quality of life – was not a one time lump sum of money, but a resource toward a brighter, more productive future.

Hugh left Dukale promising to find a way to continue the dream of success and expansion for his friend.

Hugh Jackman finds inspiration with Ethiopian coffee farmers. Launches charity brand, Laughing Man

Fast forward a few years, add the inspiration of Paul Newman and AE Hotchner’s Newman’s Own using fine product and public profile to do good as detailed in Pursuit of the Common Good. The final piece of serendipity, a meeting with friends Barry & David Steingard who mention they are interested in re-entering the coffee business and you have the birth of Laughing Man: coffee, tea, chocolate and fine merchandise.

The motto for Laughing Man is “all be happy”, taken from the ancient Sanskrit Lokah Blessing ” “May all beings everywhere be happy and free.” All profits from Laughing Man will be donated to charity – starting with World Vision and Harlem Village Academies and expanding to opportunities of education and growth for businesses and communities. This “seeding” of minds and businesses not only provides the immediate resources needed, but hope for the future as those benefiting from these opportunities grows exponentially. Opportunity to learn, grow and work is without a doubt a path to happiness and freedom.

Now onto the most important part – is it any good??  Well this morning I brewed my first pot of 184 Home Blend, ground from whole beans, and it was delicious. I am looking forward to visiting the Laughing Man Marketplace  at 184 Duane Street in Tribeca soon to sample the other offerings and hopefully educate myself and expand my caffeinated horizons. My husband Anthony had the hot chocolate and enjoyed the rich, dark flavor.  Definitely not the after school sweet powder from your childhood! I am waiting for my daughter Katie, the tea aficionado, to weigh in on the various teas offered. Love my tee shirt, and most importantly love that it all is part of doing good.

I aspire to be a philanthropist, to save the world one amoeba at a time. For now I am incredibly happy to find ways to contribute to businesses already in motion achieving those goals. You can do this too –  visit Laughing Man online at, or visit the Laughing Man Marketplace in person at 184 Duane Street, New York – just make sure you visit and do good!

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Musical Mondays!

“Lose Yourself”


Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo
(You better)

Keep your mind open to all kinds of music and the  message it conveys. You never know what will speak to you, inspire you, help you name what you are feeling or  keep you going when you feel you have nothing left to give.

Take the time to make playlists for times when you need inspiration, meditation or a place to be held until you feel you are ready to take the next step.

Make your own soundtrack – and remember when you score this story you have a choice in the ending!!

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