Black Hearted Truth

A close friend this week was concerned when my daily updates did not occur first thing in the morning, as is the norm. I believe the exact quote was “I was upset when you didn’t answer your cell and none of the Buddhist crap was posted.” Hmmmm.

It’s funny to me how often people comment on my social media posts being too positive. Too positive, too Pollyanna, too saccharine perhaps. While many say they enjoy the inspiration, there is a definitive desire for the snarkier side of my humor. In discussing this yesterday I considered a hash tag of #justsayin as a collection of my bitchier commentary on life as I know it. Is there really a call for me to add this darker turn? This side of me is reserved for those I know very well, and whom I trust to see the balance – for those who know my story and have the context

my black heart
my black heart

As my #justsayin experiment commenced throughout my day yesterday I came to a very important conclusion. To quote Aaron Sorkin, “you can’t handle the truth.” My black-hearted truth of all I am, have been through and how I feel is beyond the scope of public consumption. I remain very positive in my social media for some pretty clear professional and personal reasons, most importantly that the positive view is my truest voice.  My positivity is also a testament to my truest belief that everyday is a choice, how we act and react is within our control.  If I can let my past experiences remain in the past and not dictate to my present and future, not be my identity, then I can be a person who has unlimited potential.

My public persona will remain decidedly a positive one – for those looking for the darker, bitchier, more humorous and perhaps funnier side you will have to make the time to spend in person – #justsayin.

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