Looking For My Snark…..

I have been informed by trusted friends that there is something missing from my blogs – something they feel is vital to me being me – snarkiness.

I agree with them but, much like Barry Manilow in the late seventies, I have been having trouble” tryin’ to get the feeling” of my inner black heart. Well, actually Barry was singing about losing the feeling for something else and I am pretty sure he can get a pill for that now – but back to me.

Perhaps part of the loss came from dedicating my website and blog to positive thinking – all of those heady thoughts about self enlightenment and growth really are important to me – but at times they run counter culture to dreaming of a reality show entitled “Did You Wear That On Purpose”.  In wanting to offer a place that offered a shoulder, a forum and an environment of learning and acceptance perhaps I missed the fact that sometimes you also just want a place to  “let it all hang out”. Less white wine and chai tea and more stiff cosmos and espresso.  Hey – I can do that!!

Perhaps I lwas reminded of something really important here  – being a positive thinker, looking for the good and focusing on kindness, compassion and service doesn’t mean we are not still only human.  I teach that to my family program all the  time and yet seemed to have forgotten for a bit myself. Being “only human” is something to celebrate – we can strive to do good and still enjoy the life we are living. The complexity of humanness is what makes us interesting, diverse and fun.

In the spirit of being true to myself, being human and  being very snarky I promise to cover more bases here. I promise to let just a little more hang out and to remember that no one likes someone who is about being all good all the time. If you only knew the depth of material this has just unleashed……

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