Soulful Sunday – Clean Something Out Today!

Soulful Sunday – Clean Something Out Today!

Use today as a fresh start to the new week & clean something out.

Choose one thing to work on today and clean it out – pick a drawer, a room, a briefcase or pocketbook, a car, mail, bills, emails, a closet. Pick something that you can complete today so that you can experience a sense of accomplishment.

Now pick something inside to clean out – negativity, resentment, envy, procrastination, fear, avoidance.

As you do your physical cleaning let your mind work on the other aspect of yourself you would like to see gone as well, let the time of cleaning be both a physical and emotional experience.

When your task is done make sure to appreciate the cleanliness, the openness, the release of stress and the sense of control. Make sure not to fill this new space – physical & emotional – will more “stuff”. Only allow items or thought that support positivity, accomplishment or a sense of order back in.

Give yourself the gift of a fresh start!

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About Pat Palumbo

Pat Palumbo is positive that we all have the power to change the world. In big and small ways our choices form our experience, and in turn affect everything around us. At home, in our communities, and globally we can and should be a force of positive change. Pat's training as a Marriage & Family Therapist, as well as a background in advertising & public relations, provide her clients with many resources. Her passions include family, theatre, philanthropy, reading, writing, cooking, and travel. In all things kindness, compassion, and service. Pat is the President & COO of PhraseMark Inc. - engage, empower, elevate

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