Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012! A clean slate, a fresh page, a new start. The potential to start a anew & do better because we know better.

Make the resolutions, not so much because they’ll be stringently kept, but because they make us revisit the past and think about the future with purpose. Mindfully we move on learning from not only our mistakes, but also from our successes.

Be kind to the people in your life, including yourself. Know that we can only act within the capacity we have to understand. We are all at different levels of learning and understanding and the greatest wish for all of us is that the process of learning in our lives never stops.

Try very hard to forgive and move on. Forgiveness does not mean resolution in all instances, it often means accepting what cannot be changed and letting the power of anger and conflict go. Part of maturity is realizing that right, wrong and winning are less important than acceptance and compromise. A greater part of maturity is knowing when to let go, perhaps walk away and somehow find a way to remember the good memories separate from the painful ones.

Do good! It is essential to us as human beings living in a society to live by a code of looking out for one another. Locally, nationally and globally there is need and in whatever way we can address need we are called to act. The initial step is to make a commitment to do good in your home – to create a place of respect, kindness and manners. A place where we support each other and help each other grow. From that place of kindness and compassion we can move to a place of service to others. Once you experience doing good, once you step outside your own needs to help someone else, the experience will change you. The call to be better will motivate you, seeing a picture larger than your own needs and wants will expand you and allow you to more clearly see your place in the world.

Take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Choose healthy habits, find a way to move each day as it helps both body and soul. Choose positive thinking as a way of life, while it might not always pan out it reduces stress and allows possibility where perhaps there was none. Find a personal place of spirituality – develop a personal relationship with God or the higher being, creator of your beliefs. Do not allow others to define or determine that relationship, accept responsibility for cultivating and maintaining it. We are all only human, including religious leaders and scholars, and with that comes the inevitable human traits both positive and negative. While we can look to others for direction and information ultimately the spiritual relationship should be a personal one.

Take the time to know yourself, to listen to the voice inside you and recognize the gut feelings and moments of intuition. Often, in hindsight, our greatest regrets have come from the moments when we had a sense of knowing and ignored it. ┬áRemember that everyday and experience is a lesson, if we don’t learn from these lessons we will continue to circle the same pattern and will have no reason to expect to move forward. If we are attentive we begin to recognize patterns, both good and bad, and respect the inevitability of cause and effect. Our actions and reactions form our experience of the world, others and ourselves. While we need to accept that there are many outside things that we have no control over, we do have the potential to direct how we react to them. Being a person of integrity with a clear set of what is right and wrong for us will allow us to move through the world in a positive way and reduce the effect that the actions of others have on our lives

.Happy New Year 2012! A clean slate, a fresh page, a new start. The potential to start a anew & do better because we know better.

┬áMy love & best wishes to all – enjoy the journey!! xo

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