Laughing Man Tiramisu – A True Triple Threat!

Delicious coffee, chocolate and doing good – like its namesake this dessert is a true triple threat!  This recipe takes the best of the creamy goodness of a traditional tiramisu and adds chocolate in a starring role. The combination of flavors truly sing and will have you and yours doing a dance of joy! 



  • 3 eggs separated
  • Three tablespoons granulated sugar
  • Three tablespoons confectioners’ sugar
  • Three tablespoons Marsala wine
  • 1 container Mascarpone cheese
  • 60% Cacao bittersweet chocolate baking bar (I used Ghirardelli) chopped in a food processor
  • 16 – 20 ladyfinger cookies
  • 2 cups strong coffee ( Laughing Man’s Dukales’s Dream or Reserve Indonesia Flores work well, experiment with 184 or your favorite! )

1.  In a double boiler whisk the egg yolks, granulated sugar and Marsala wine vigorously until it thickens into a white custard consistency. As soon as it thickens remove from heat as not to overcook*.

2. In a stand mixer at a high speed whisk the egg whites and confectioners’ sugar until stiff peaks begin to form.

3. In a large mixing bowl add the custard and ¾ of the chocolate to the mascarpone cheese, fold with a spatula by hand.

4. To the mascarpone mixture add the egg whites, fold with a spatula by hand.

5. Line 2 8” x 8” serving dishes or one large serving dish with ladyfinger cookies; add coffee to the cookies slowly allowing it to be absorbed, once the cookies are saturated stop.

6. Spread the mixture evenly over the cookies gently as not to break them.

7. Garnish the tiramisu with the remaining chocolate, refrigerate for at least two hours, overnight is best.

You can also make individual desserts in glasses or use the mixture as a cake or pastry filling.

To order Laughing Man products visit

*This egg custard is the base for Zabaglione. You can use it just like this or check out recipes that add cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, additional sugar, etc. This is delicious over fresh berries, even better over pound cake and fresh berries! Be creative!!


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The Real Estate Therapist Is In!

The Real Estate Therapist is in! I hold a Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy/Pastoral Counseling and I am an active Professional Member in the American Counseling Association. This background allows me to provide the highest level of professional support as clients are going through the various stressors that occur when buying or selling a home.
Another level of service, another way of helping, a unique asset in a realtor!

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Work It Wednesday – High Maintenance Can Be A Good Thing!

People use the phrase “high maintenance” as if it’s always a bad thing. In the diva-like, self-centered, it’s all about status symbols way it is, but in taking care of yourself and your things it is a great thing!

By taking care of yourself – physically and emotionally – you are respecting yourself and preparing yourself to take on the world at your best. Regular doctor appointments, eating healthy food, exercising and making time for spiritual and emotional rejuvenation keeps you running in optimal form. I know when I am running at peak form, and when I am not I can usually identify where I have been slacking off.

By taking care of your things you are also exhibiting respect for yourself in that you maintain a certain level of quality and cleanliness in your surroundings and belongings. This includes your home, office, and vehicle as well as your clothing and accessories. While it is true that you should never judge a book by its cover, it is also true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When you are in peaceful, clean surroundings you are in an environment that enhances your experience. Think about how wonderful it is to be in a beautiful hotel room – part of the beauty for me is the lack of clutter and things I need to take care of, clean or put away! When you are proud of your appearance you have a different level of confidence – whether you are going to the gym, food shopping or working – how you look on the outside does affect how you feel on the inside.

You can be high maintenance, and be proud of it – just make sure it’s the kind of high maintenance that makes you shine inside and out!

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Take Charge Tuesdays: Upgrade Your Social Media

The world of social media changes and grows by the day – but the changes do not have to be daunting. If you take the time to understand the changes and upgrade the sites you use you can get the best of what is offered.

Social media has become day to day communication with friends and family, a source of news, a business tool and an outlet for self expression. While not everyone will see the need or feel comfortable with all aspects offered, having basic social media knowledge is becoming a necessary skill.

The basics to consider are a facebook page and a twitter account – these can be a fun way to communicate and update your immediate circle. You can utilize both of these platforms to expand your business presence online and stay in touch with clients while building referral opportunities.

Foursquare allows you to check in  from wherever you are and rate businesses and locations.  You also have the opportunity to add photos and comments. While you may not want to check in at your home address or add every place you may be at due to safety and privacy reasons,  for business use this is a great way to promote an event or an open house.

If you are interested in your own website or blog you can look into hosting and domain sites such as and web building sites such as Depending on whether you will be using these for personal or business content you may want to consider hiring a professional to get you up an running.  I used  The Tech Byte which specializes in social media platforms for real estate professionals and I could not have been happier with the results. While real estate consulting is a specialty, they can also either help you with your set up or direct you to the best place to suit your needs.

Not every social media platform may be for you, but for both social and business purposes being present and feeling comfortable with the choices offered is really important. Being social media savvy is truly a way to take charge!!

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Musical Mondays – In The Name Of Love…

Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

In the name of love!
What more in the name of love?

Pride (In The Name Of Love) – U2

When we all realize that human rights is not a black thing or a gay thing but a human thing then maybe we can move forward.  We have come so far because of those that were willing to make a stand, to speak up and to give their lives for what is right. There is still so very far to go.

The dream of a free and equal society does not depend on everyone agreeing with the choices, lifestyles and decisions of others it depends on the respect that all have the right to make those choices and decisions for themselves. It will only be realized when we view each other as true equals and not as a society where some feel they have the right to make decisions for others because they are superior or know best.

My dream is not only that my children will see a world where this equality becomes reality, but where their belief that this is true and possible does not place them in a minority.

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Soulful Sunday – Clean Something Out Today!

Use today as a fresh start to the new week & clean something out.

Choose one thing to work on today and clean it out – pick a drawer, a room, a briefcase or pocketbook, a car, mail, bills, emails, a closet. Pick something that you can complete today so that you can experience a sense of accomplishment.

Now pick something inside to clean out – negativity, resentment, envy, procrastination, fear, avoidance.

As you do your physical cleaning let your mind work on the other aspect of yourself you would like to see gone as well, let the time of cleaning be both a physical and emotional experience.

When your task is done make sure to appreciate the cleanliness, the openness, the release of stress and the sense of control. Make sure not to fill this new space – physical & emotional – will more “stuff”. Only allow items or thought that support positivity, accomplishment or a sense of order back in.

Give yourself the gift of a fresh start!

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Fabulous Friday – Being Professionally Fabulous!

Success in any part of your life not only depends on your preparation and hard work, but also on your attitude.  You have to truly want something and be able to see yourself achieving it for the best to happen.  You have to find it within yourself to set goals and make a consistent effort to bring them to fruition. This is just the beginning of the recipe for success, not just doing well but being truly, fabulously successful!

So what does this very practical advice have to do with being fabulous? The combination of the practical steps plus passion, a sense of humor and joie de vivre makes the difference between someone who is good at what they do and someone who is great at what they do.  It makes people talk about you and their experience working with you. It makes you stand out among your peers and become a role model to up and comers.

If you only equate being fabulous with the exterior – looks, fashion sense, the right toys – then you are missing the most important part of the equation.  Have you ever met someone who hits all of those marks and is just incredibly boring, self-centered, vapid or a hideous combination thereof? On the other hand there are those who are at the pinnacle of their professions in terms of knowledge and skill but who can put a room to sleep faster than it takes to get their power point presentation up and running. The hard work, preparation and sweat equity is not enough nor is just the exterior presentation – fabulousness is achieved at the point where all of these qualities meet.  At that point the true sign of fabulousness that shines through is the personal achievement and pure joy of someone who has reached their personal best. Others want to be around this person, work with them, learn from them and refer them. The positive attitude, sincere curiosity, warm concern for others and professional polish naturally draws others in.

The truly, sincerely, bone deep fabulous person is not only a leader but a teacher. Someone who is continually learning and at the same time mentoring others. Someone who always is setting new goals  to achieve new  personal heights while looking for opportunities to do good with the resources they have earned.

Being professionally fabulous elevates you to a place where  financial success is a by product of personal achievement. It may take you longer to reach some of your professional goals, and certainly the way you go about it will not be similar to those around you.  Sometimes holding on to your integrity, core beliefs and personal ethics while working hard in a competitive environment may be frustrating – but don’t give up! This is a marathon, not a sprint and staying true to your path will ultimately provide you the rewards you have worked so hard for. Being professionally fabulous is not a popularity contest – don’t be discouraged by others who are not supportive or don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes others are envious of the skills you have worked hard to achieve and the talents you may possess, sometimes others unwillingness to put in the same effort results in frustration as they see you achieve results. At the end of the day the only measure you need to consult is your own stated professional goals and personal wishes. Those who you meet along the way who are supportive, who are great professional allies, who see the same value in reaching their own personal best will become your core group.

Finally, once you have the substance down don’t forget the style! Now that you have the professional tools and personal goals you need to move forward take the time to address the package you will be delivering your skills in. Are you taking care of your health, do you have an exercise routine in place, are all of your basic grooming needs up to date? Don’t forget the value of polished shoes and clean nails! Do you have breath mints and a lint remover handy at all times? Are you dressing with purpose or throwing something on in the morning?  These are all basics that make a first impression and if you aren’t paying attention you may never get to share the skills you bring to the table with an attentive audience.

What hobbies and activities make you happy? What was the last book you read, movie you saw, museum you visited. You cannot be fabulous without being interesting, well rounded and curious. Unless you are interested in the world around you you will not be an interesting person to be with. Uninteresting people are definitely not fabulous!

How can you take your fashion sense up a notch? Are your clothes well taken care of, altered and  up to date? Do you look at other professionals you deal with and think about what kind of an impression they are making by how they are dressed?  Is their clothing adding or subtracting from their professionalism?  Look through magazines and online and note what appeals to you, what makes the statement that best matches your idea of what your personal and professional best would look like. Now use those as guidelines when cleaning out your own closet and purchasing new items. If this is not your forte, or an area that holds little interest for you, find a personal shopper, consultant or friend who can guide you through the process and save you time and effort. In the long run the return on your investment of time and money in this area will certainly be returned to you.

Some of these last items may seem elementary or perhaps even insulting – but often these are the things that others may be embarrassed to say to someone. They may at times even be the reasons that people with excellent skills are held back from being professionally fabulous. Take a minute to go through your basics, or find the most truthful person you know and ask them to give it to you straight. You may uncover something easily fixed and ultimately valuable.

Are you ready to be professionally fabulous? Do you have the attitude, determination and willingness to work hard to make it happen? Then go for it and know that nothing will be as satisfying as achieving your personal best!


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Thoughtful Thursday – Be Present to The Day!

Be present to the day today

To all its possibilities, to the signs around you

Signs of wonder, signs of beauty, signs of direction

Listen to the voice inside of you

Let the experiences of the day teach you

And if you do this, at the end of the day

Think of how much you will have learned…..




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Musical Mondays – The Long & Winding Road….


The long and winding road that leads to your door,

 Will never disappear, I’ve seen that road before

 It always leads me here, leads me to your door


It really is true, there is no place like home! 

 We have worked so hard together to create this la la land of home & family…it is so good to bask in the love!





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Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012! A clean slate, a fresh page, a new start. The potential to start a anew & do better because we know better.

Make the resolutions, not so much because they’ll be stringently kept, but because they make us revisit the past and think about the future with purpose. Mindfully we move on learning from not only our mistakes, but also from our successes.

Be kind to the people in your life, including yourself. Know that we can only act within the capacity we have to understand. We are all at different levels of learning and understanding and the greatest wish for all of us is that the process of learning in our lives never stops.

Try very hard to forgive and move on. Forgiveness does not mean resolution in all instances, it often means accepting what cannot be changed and letting the power of anger and conflict go. Part of maturity is realizing that right, wrong and winning are less important than acceptance and compromise. A greater part of maturity is knowing when to let go, perhaps walk away and somehow find a way to remember the good memories separate from the painful ones.

Do good! It is essential to us as human beings living in a society to live by a code of looking out for one another. Locally, nationally and globally there is need and in whatever way we can address need we are called to act. The initial step is to make a commitment to do good in your home – to create a place of respect, kindness and manners. A place where we support each other and help each other grow. From that place of kindness and compassion we can move to a place of service to others. Once you experience doing good, once you step outside your own needs to help someone else, the experience will change you. The call to be better will motivate you, seeing a picture larger than your own needs and wants will expand you and allow you to more clearly see your place in the world.

Take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Choose healthy habits, find a way to move each day as it helps both body and soul. Choose positive thinking as a way of life, while it might not always pan out it reduces stress and allows possibility where perhaps there was none. Find a personal place of spirituality – develop a personal relationship with God or the higher being, creator of your beliefs. Do not allow others to define or determine that relationship, accept responsibility for cultivating and maintaining it. We are all only human, including religious leaders and scholars, and with that comes the inevitable human traits both positive and negative. While we can look to others for direction and information ultimately the spiritual relationship should be a personal one.

Take the time to know yourself, to listen to the voice inside you and recognize the gut feelings and moments of intuition. Often, in hindsight, our greatest regrets have come from the moments when we had a sense of knowing and ignored it.  Remember that everyday and experience is a lesson, if we don’t learn from these lessons we will continue to circle the same pattern and will have no reason to expect to move forward. If we are attentive we begin to recognize patterns, both good and bad, and respect the inevitability of cause and effect. Our actions and reactions form our experience of the world, others and ourselves. While we need to accept that there are many outside things that we have no control over, we do have the potential to direct how we react to them. Being a person of integrity with a clear set of what is right and wrong for us will allow us to move through the world in a positive way and reduce the effect that the actions of others have on our lives

.Happy New Year 2012! A clean slate, a fresh page, a new start. The potential to start a anew & do better because we know better.

 My love & best wishes to all – enjoy the journey!! xo

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