Faith, Love, Hope, and Oprah


I know what it is to be loved and love, to be afraid of losing and being given the gift of time. This is one of the most beautiful expressions of that spirit.
Kristian was diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatments to fight this disease. Rachel went back to teaching high school to support her family financially and comes home to take care of the kids and be there for her husband. As you can imagine this can be emotionally and physically exhausting.

Kristian, a television editor, wanted to celebrate his wife’s birthday in a special way so that she might understand just what her actions, sacrifice and love mean to him – and to their family.  As you can see he was able to find a magical way to do so. In keeping his promise to use no words, he is assisted by a pretty well known Aussie and a pretty well known Kiwi.

As you can imagine, this video has gone viral and at this point has been viewed over 191,000 times.  Beyond this amazing story, this amazing effort, there is the universal understanding of what it means to love.  The sacrifice, the leap into the unknown, the joys and the sorrows are something we all can relate to. Whether for someone in our family, a friend, a neighbor or a stranger literally halfway around the world we connect through our collective soul to what this effort means. This act of love is as healing to the giver as to the one receiving the gift.

Today this story and video were featured as part of Oprah’s visit to Australia. Oprah was able to arrange, along with Xbox, for this family to be financially secure so that they can spend the time together with their small sons. $250,000.00 will enable this family to have the most precious gift of time without worrying about bills, without wondering how to fit a day’s worth of teaching plus a day’s worth of homemaking and mothering, plus a day’s worth of care for a very sick husband into one day.  How can you put a price on the ultimate value of this gift for this family?

I do not envy what Oprah has as she has worked so very hard to earn it, but I do envy her ability to do this kind of good. Some discredit her actions feeling that she’ll never miss that amount, some criticize it isn’t enough; some will pass it off as just another opportunity for public relations. Regardless of what you earn, a responsible person knows exactly what they have and what they choose to do with it. Is this amount enough – for this family it might be as much as a few years income and priceless in terms of what it will allow them to do in that time. I argue that at this point in time Oprah is far beyond needing to be charitable for public relations. What would it be like to accept that a choice was made to do good where good could be done?

How many times do we think about doing something when we hear about a person in need, read a story online or in the news or hear something on TV?  Often the next thought is one of feeling that what we are able to do wouldn’t really make a difference, what we could afford would just be a drop in the bucket. Imagine if every person that felt they wanted to help did one thing, one small thing, do you believe that could make a difference?  What about reaching out to family and friends and sharing the story and seeing what you as a group might be able to do.  Could that make a difference? I believe that it would and could make a difference not only to those in need but to you in your life as well.
I think we can all try to do good where good can be done in ways big and small. We can ignite a spark within ourselves, our families and our communities to make a difference. I aspire every day to do some small good in the ways I can, imagine the difference if we all did.  xo

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