Fabulous Fridays!

What does it mean to YOU to be fabulous?  Is it what you wear, what you do, who you do it with??  I think it’s who you ARE in all of the ways you express it when you are at your very best. 

We all know when we are at our best – we walk a little taller, enjoy socializing, show a strong self-confidence and give attitude in all of the best possible ways. We also should be honest enough with ourselves to know when we are just phoning it in – sweats, pony tail, baseball cap, flip flops, over sized tees – you know what your incognito crutches are! Those are fine to have every once in awhile, but when they start to become the norm and we convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter because “I am only running errands” or “I won’t see anyone I know” it severely limits your fabulousness. Every Friday I’ll share some tips to help you put your best and brightest forward – don’t think that it will require a big investment of time and money, you will be surprised at how much fabulousness you can mine from what you already own.

Today’s Tip = an investment of $00.00!!

Your first step to fabuousness, or becoming even more fabulous than you already are, clean out your closets!!  Not exactly the most original tip you have ever heard, but I want to tell you exactly what you will be getting rid of:  anything with tears or holes, anything stained, anything more than two sizes smaller or larger than what you are wearing right now, anything that is only “for in the house”, anything that was a gift you know you will never wear but you feel guilty about giving away.

Next make an effort to come to terms with what you are “saving for good” – many of us were raised by depression babies who were so appreciative of having nice things that those things got stored away except for company or holidays. There were outfits, shoes, coats and jewelry that never saw the light of day unless there was a wedding, funeral or dinner dance.  Sets of china, dishes, towels,sheets – you name it – were stored away for special occasions or for when company came.  Sadly, at least in my case, after my mother passed  I came across so many of her things I knew she would have enjoyed every day packed away for”good”. With this mindset came an implied or sometimes stated feeling that if you were using or wearing good stuff everyday you “thought who you were”.

Well you should think pretty highly about who you are, you should wear your best and set your table and decorate your home with every beautiful item you own.  If it tears or is stained, get rid of it.  If it breaks throw it out.  Live your life to the best of your ability every day – don’t wait for the day that might never come and deprive yourself of the life you were meant to live.

So for step one get rid of the things that say I am not worth the effort and break out the good stuff! See if it doesn’t lift your mood, put some attitude in your step and just make you feel better about yourself and whatever you are setting out to do. 

Next Friday – some other treasures you didn’t realize you had!!


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